ShortPixel deal on AppSumo

The folks over at AppSummo have another great deal for ShortPixel. The difference between this deal and the previous ones is that it contains the CDN option.

ShortPixel is an image optimzation service. All you have to do is install their plugin and let it either run from the get go, or have it run once for all the images and PDF files in your media library. From that moment on, everytime you upload an new image (or PDF), it will reduce it's size.

I have been using it for a long time now on many different websites and it works perfect. You can restore images in bulk or seperatly if you aren't happy with the result ShortPixel produced. But this hardly ever happens. I can think of only 3 times over many years compressing thousands of images.

The setup process is also very simple due to it's userfriendly interface.

We use ShortPixel on this website as well. Let's take a look at the settings of the plugin. Often you don't have to change much in the settings after you have installed the plugin and activated it.

Here you see the general tab which was set like this by the plugin itself. We didn't change anything.

Click image for a larger version (opens in a new tab)

On the Advancet tab we checked the "Also create WebP versions of the images, for free.", the "Deliver the WebP versions of the images in the front-end:", the "Without altering the page code (via .htaccess)", the "Also optimize the Retina images (@2x) if they exist." and the "Automatically optimize PDF documents." options.

Click image for a larger version (opens in a new tab)

Then there is the Cloudflare API tab which we didn't use.

Click image for a larger version 9opens in a new tab)

The last tab is the Statistics tab. This last one will show you how what the average compression is of your files, how much diskspace has been saved (although that only has any use if you turn of saving the original images), how much bandwidth is being saved and information about your plan. It also shows you how large your backup folder is.

Click image for a larger version (opens in a new tab)

Once you go to the media library. You will something like this. On the right you can see by how many percent the image has been reduced, how many thumbnails of the image have been optimized and you can also see a small hamburger menu icon.

If you click on the hamburger menu you will see the following.

You can compare the original image with the optimized image, you can choose from two ways to re-optimze the image and you can restore your original image.

Let's take a look at waht happens when you click "Compare".

Click image for a larger version (opens in a new tab)

As you can see the image pops up in a new window and it has a bar across the center you can drag to see more of the original version or more of the optimized version. An excellent feature if you find that a particular image on the front-end looks not entiorely you had hoped.

You also have the option to restore the original image. Once you click that menu item, you will see a blue optimze buton. That way you can optimze th image again if you want to.

For me, ShortPixel is one of the best and easiest to use plugins for reducing image size out there and I can highly reccomend it.

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