Plugins created for Oxygen Builder

Here you will find plugins especially created for Oxygen


OxyExtra adds a number of flexible additional components to your Oxygen Builder

Oxy Ultimate

Oxy Ultimate adds additional components including WooCommerce components


Asura provides offers you the option to provide license keys that can be used to access your design sets.

Editor Enhancer

Editor Enhancer offers a number of features to make the use of Oxygen Builder easier.

Hydrogen Pack

Hydrogen Pack makes using Oxygen Builder easier by adding many features to improve workflow.


OxyPowerPack offers new features, effects and adds components to Oxygen Builder.

Oxy Toolbox

Oxy Toolbox adds a number of time saving features to Oxygen Builder to speed up the workprocess.

Oxy Cleaner

Oxy Cleaner is part of Oxy Toolbox but you can always buy just this plugin to rename or remove classes.

Oxy Class Act

Oxy Class Act is part of Oxy Toolbox but you can always buy it seperate to move or copy styles.

Agency Base

Agency Base offers a number of features that help with the development of your Oxygen Builder website.

Oxygen Attributes

Oxygen Attributes is a tool to add custom attributes right inside Oxygen Builder

Oxy Clarity

Oxy Clarity helps you find the class where a property is specified by just alt cliking on any property.

Oxy Copy Paste

Oxy Copy Paste will help you copying conditions, styles or full elements from one Oxygen built site to another,

Swiss Knife

To improve the useabillity of the Oxygen Builder you can install the Swiss Knife plugin.

Oxy Transfer Pro

Oxy Transfer Pro helps you move designs sets, templates and block libraries from one site to another.

Advanced Scripts

Advanced Scripts is a scriptmanager that supports PHP, CSS, Javascript, SCSS and LESS
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