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Ford (Mercury) Cougar Website

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I have had my red Ford Cougar since 2001. Since there is hardly any information about the car, I decided in 2004 to create a website for it.

At the end of 2018 I came to Wordpress for the 3rd website relaunch and in the middle of 2020 I made the 4th relaunch of the very grown website with Oxygen.
It´s a pure hobby website with no commercial, but with a lot of support. The whole community is almost a second job for me 😋 

I'm looking forward to your comments and maybe suggestions for improvement.


Joined: 12 months ago
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Looks great! Minor thing but that's more of a personal taste I think. I would redouce the size of the title and arrow. Those are on almost every page but let's take the homepage where it states Fakten zum Cougar. The word Cougar is very big and so is the arrow next to it. I would reduce the size by at least a third.

Maybe a 70px for the text? I think that looks better and 100px for the arrow.

Joined: 11 months ago
Posts: 38

Nice site! Nice looking car as well. I just checked it on my mobile phone and it all looks good. I do agree with Martin that on Desktop the titles are very large. On my mobile they look good.

Great work!


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