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Oxygen relative content issue with box height

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Hi all.

I attached a picture of my issue, i hope someone knows the solution for.


If you look the red arrow, the distance there is normally not there, but i moved my pricelist section -240px, z-index 1 (above) my paralax video section.


However, the content box size didnt change after i moved it up, so remains same size and creates a large void between pricelist domains and as seen on picture.


Any idea what i do wrong?


Thanks in advance 🙂

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how are you setting this up? As a fixed element on the left side of the screen, or using flexbox? 

If you are using Flex then try setting flex-grow property of the element to 1, which will make the container grow to fill the space. 

If you want this as a fixed element that stays on the left side, then set it to Fixed  and set the top, Left side and bottom to 0 (zero). But I wouldn't recommend this option. 

If none of the above, need some more detail or a link. 



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