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Copy paste issues

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Is there anyone else that has issue when using the right mouse button to paste something in a new page? The copy works fine but the paste function isn't clickable. Am i doing something wrong? Or not understanding how it works?

I have a div with content I need to copy from one page (which is open in the Oxygen Builder) to another page (which is also open in the Oxygen Builder) on the same site.

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Having two pages open at the same time in Oxygen is not recommended because when one page is updated, changes that relate to things like CSS etc get overwritten, so I have never done this. 

What I would recommend is to save your div as a Resuseable component. Before doing this, add any class(es) to the element and style them. then I do this: 

  1. copy the part I want as a reuseable one, and then, in the Structure Panel,
  2. click on the hamburger bars of the element I just copied and choose save as a resuseable part.
  3. Give it a name in the dialog box that pops up for the part and save as Reuseable.
  4. Then I delete the part I had copied and made Reuseable, leaving the original part to edit in the builder. I do this because once saved, a part gets set one which has to opened separately to edit it, which is annoying for me.
  5. Now, open your page that you want to add the reuseable part to.l
  6. Click on Add and go to the reuseable part section and choose the one you saved, making sure you choose the Edit option which drops down if you want to do any individual changes to it, but if not and you have added classes, then any changes made to the one on the original page should push to the one on your new page. 

Hope this makes sense and works for you.


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I did exactly as you described in the end. 

But it should be possible with the Hydrogen plugin. I can get it done with the keyboard shortcut but not with the mouse. So weird.

Maybe I should try it in Chrome instead of Firefox. 


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