There are many great deals out there right now. Some Black Friday deals but also some other non black friday related deals.

Here you will find a list. Let's start with Oxygen Specific deals.

Oxygen Builder

Oxy Toolbox

Use "oxygenrocks" as a couponcode to get 15% off.
Oxy Toolbox adds a great ammount of features to Oxygen Builder to speed up your workprocess.

Oxy Ultimate

Get $10 off the pro plan and $20 off the agency plan!
Oxy Ultimate adds additional components including WooCommerce components that help you get your designs faster online.


Use "1year" as a couponcode to get 40% off.
This Life Tike Deal has the biggest discount ever. With OxyPowerPack you get a lot of features to boost your workflow and create better designs.

Agency Base

Use "TURKEY" as a couponcode to get $10 off.
Agency Base brings great features to the table that can help with the development of your website suchs as fluid sizes, fluid fonts, variable mapping.


Get 15% off when purching.
This great plugin adds a huge number of components to Oxygen Builder for you to use on your website you don't want to miss out on.

Editor Enhancer Pro

Get 20% off when purching.
This very usefull plugin enhances the functionality of Oxygen Builder with a number of great features like Style Flow, Copy/Paste between websites, keyboard shortcuts and so on.

Dashboard Customizer

Get 25% off when purching.
With this plugin you can create your own WordPress Dashboard designs using Oxygen Builder. Helpfull for your customers to unclutter the dashboard.

Oxy Clarity

Use "TGIF15" as a couponcode to get 15% off.
Having trouble finding where a CSS property is being used? Use this plugin and alt click (or chnage the modifier) and it will bring up the location where the property is specified.


Get 20% off when purchasing.
Looking for a great designset to get your creativity going? Look nu further, because this designset is out of this wold. Worth the purchase!

WordPress (Oxygen)


Get 50% off when purchasing.
With this CSS editor plugin you can use point-and-click to control your design. Easily create CSS grid layouts, responsive designs, integrate page builders like Oxygen, use Sass and so on.


Use "OxygenRocks" to get 25% off.
WPDevDesign offers a massive number of great tutorials on both Oxygen Builder and WordPress that are worth your while.

Fluent Forms

Single Site: from $59 now $35 / Agency: From $129 now $77 / Unlimited: From $199 now $119
A great form builder plugin that offers good integration with Oxygen Builder an a number of Oxygen specific plugins like OxyExtras and Oxy Toolbox.

Backup Buddy

Use "DEAL40" to get 40% off.
We all know that creating backups are important. BackupBuddy is exactly what it says. Your buddy to create manual or automatic backups locally or to the cloud.


Get 15% off on a new license or 15% on earlty renewal.
Are you in need to add advanced custom fields to WordPress then this is the one for you! With over 30 field types you can't get it any easier.

SEOPress Pro + Insights

From $138.00 now for $99.00
Easy to use SEO plugin for WordPress that is fast and powerfull in combination with Insights to track your ranking and backlinks.


One-time plans for 30.000 images from $29.97 now $19.99 / 50.000 images from $49.95 now $29.99 / 170.000 images from $169.83 now $99.00
Looking to compress and optimize your images? Shortpixel is the plugin for you!


Get 30% off on every license and every add-on.
When you have tabular data or need a chart there is no better solution than to use this excellent plugin.


Pay one time $49.00.
Are you looking to track your SEO rankings, monitor your backlinks and have automatic reports on your website. This is the one for you. (via


Get 30% off now.
Your website loads slow? Speed up the loading time of your website with the WPROCKET plugin. It's very easy to use is used on over 13.000.000 websites.

WP 301 Redirects

Get 50% off now.
When you need to solve the issues of loss of traffic, users and conversion due to old links, content, bad links and typos you need this plugin.

WP Reset

Single from $158.00 for $49.00 / Double from $316.00 for $98.00 / Multiple from $474.00 for $147.00
This is really one of those tools you didn't know you needed. Updated a plugin and it all went wrong? With one click you restore everything. Have a bunch of plugins you always use? Install them at once. Demo data installed? Remove it in one click. (via AppSUMO)


Basic from $249 now $129 / Plus from $399 now $214 / Pro from $549 now $299.
Are you looking to build a membership WordPress website? You can not go wrong with the MemberPress plugin.

WP FeedBack PRO

Get 30% off.
Tired off constantly emailing your client for information and their opions on design choises. Not getting quick response? This is the deal for you.


Get 33% off.
Newsletters are still an excellent way to generate income and keep your visitors and customers loyal. This email plugin for WordPress is a great tool for that.

CSS Scan

Get 50% off.
A great extension for your Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge browser to easily inspect the CSS of any element you hover over. You can copy the entire rule and use it somewhere else.


100GB from $540 for $29.99 / 250GB from 1.080.00 for $59.99 / 1TB from 2.700.00 for $169.99
Looking for some great cloudstorage with servers in Europe? Koofr is the one for you. This great deal offers you a lifetime subscription. (via Stacksocial)


Get 30% off everything.
For those who are looking to replace their Adobe products there is Affinity Designer, Affinity Photo and Affinity Publisher.

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